Hi to all you lovely people, this is my first ever follow forever! I actually planned to release this on my birthday (15/04) without any reason for a follow forever except for my birthday, but it seems like I reached 500+ followers recently so I’m bringing this forward and thank you all so very much for following me.

Also, I have a sideblog for Block B and I’m so grateful for all of you following me there too. Just reached 200+ followers and it’s just amazing how so much is going on within like half a year it’s crazy. So, don’t feel shy to talk to me here or here okay? I’m always open to make new friends :) And new followers do check out my about me page too if you want to~

Actually I wanted to make hover messages for everyone but the html was too tiring. I love all of you though hehe~ Mutual follows are in boldㅋ and some (♥)s too because I feel like it but then again…. hearts for all of you beautiful people 


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